Offer me position as ice cream chef


My name is Bruno and thanks to accept me i live in aberdeen  today  via LinkedIn I receive  a offer from a recruiter that ask me for a job as  ice cream chef andthis is the offer:

they are offering 15000 sar as a basic  salary+transportation+insurance+yearly ticket to your home country+ annual bonus

What you think about that.

I need to ask something else



I'd start by searching all his contact details in an attempt to find out is he's real or a scammer.
Then see if he asks for money.

Yes I am real maybe I break some rules of the forum apologise for that.
Was try to get some info

Fred is asking to check the identity of your potential enployer. He may be not be real; Probably a spammer.

Oh okay a recruiter contact me  i check the website looks OK but I ask some info to her

Definitely double check that the company is legit. Not a bad package, but I would also ask they include either full accommodation on a compound or money towards.

I am sorry but what exactly is an ice cream chef? Not a term I have heard before. Is it similar to a pastry chef?

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