Unknown assailant kills police officer

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Hungary: Unknown assailant kills police officer
A police officer was shot and killed in northwest Hungary on 26 October 2016 in the town of Bony. While police have not officially identified the attacker, local media reports indicate that the shooter, who has since been taken into custody, may have had links with extremist far-right nationalist groups. Some among the far-right have called for violence against migrants and asylum seekers in the country, and an officer may have been targeted due to police roles in maintaining order.

Have not heard this yet, so sad and such a waste of life.
Thoughts with the officers family and friends.

As sad as this occurrence was, how frequently do crimes of this nature take place?

VeeBee :

As sad as this occurrence was, how frequently do crimes of this nature take place?

Hardly ever. Hungary is very safe.  But as in all countries, there are nutters and loons everywhere.  The percentage might vary per country.

However, with the politics as they are with the refugees and migrants, my immediate thoughts are that it was terrorism related.

Turns out it's almost domestic "terrorism" with an allegedly right wing 76-year old local involved

In that respect, my posting was perhaps premature.

My husband said this was on the local news last night.
He wouldn't tell me much about it, he hates violence etc. and knows I tend to get overly upset about these things.
If I understand correctly from the post it was a 76 year old man who Murdered the police officer?
That is disturbing on many levels, one would hope that at that age a person was more enlightened and getting ready to move to the next level, not act like a street punk.

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