Finding work in Malta


My partner and I are planning to relocate to Malta in the New Year from London and I am trying to work out the costs of the average rents vs salary. We are flexible on where we live, but I was looking at Sliema as it's nice and central...
Can anyone give me any information/advice? We are both in the interiors sector so not sure what sort of work there is out there for us and what the average salary in this field might be?
Bit vague I know, we open to anything but don't want to take the plunge and move without having jobs!

Hi Alice Holland,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members provide you some feedback, i suggest you read the Work in Sliema article and the other articles under the Work in Malta section so as to gather as much information as possible.

In addition to that, these threads might be useful to you :

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