Permesso di soggiorno Renewal-duplicate.

Hi Expat,

I came to florence, italy in january 2016 on the basis of a student visa. I applied for my permesso di soggiorno and received it. My permesso expires on january 11 2017, but my study course ends in may 2017.

My wallet got stolen a week ago, in which i lost my original copy of my permesso. I went to the police station and registered a complain and as per the guidance from questura i was asked to apply for a duplicate permesso in order to renew my permesso. Hence, I applied for a duplicate a week ago. My date to visit the  questura for the duplicate is 18 th january 2017 ( which is 7 days after the expiry of my permesso). I want to know when can i apply for the renewal process of the permesso? Do i have to wait till i get the duplicate copy of my permesso? Can i apply for the renewal before receiving my duplicate copy?

Thank you for the help :)

Due to your circumstances, it is best that you ask the Questura for guidance regarding the renewal of your permesso.  These types of trickier questions are difficult to answer and to ensure that you do as Italian law requires, it is best to go to the source.

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