Regional stereotypes

I know this might be a bit of a controversial topic, hope it won't get argumentative. As an outsider I would like to understand what are the common stereotypes among gulf countries, especially from the locals point of view (looking at you, Danaq8! :)). I think it will help me understand some more subtle differences between various gulf regions.

For example, or more than one occasion I heard locals describe Qataris using...errrm...not so favorable words. Not sure if this is a common stereotype, so that's what I am trying to find out.

P.S. Before commenting, please look up what a "stereotype" is, and remember, the purpose is to learn something and have fun in the process. :)

Uh-oh..! I see my name.  :shy

I hope the subject is no too delicate to discuss a light-hearted manner. :)

I like the idea of the post. I think it's unique!

It's just that I need to think as I do not want to offend anyone..  :gloria

I understand... you can send me the juicy details in private. :)


Hi ms Dana ,

Its me Aki remember? Kindly message me if you do remember the very last time we pm i was the one who's asking a very sensitive case toyou ..

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