Canadian seeking tax help

Hey Everyone,
Just trying to sort out my tax situation.
Would appreciate some direction and how to start.

Tax system in KSA is just rumours (yet) but for Canadian tax system you should consultant someone in your own country ... not here..

worst comes to worst you'll end up paying double double if you listen to people here....

How you doing eh?

Like Hamudi said, you will need to declare you overseas income in Canada with the CRA in your local city.

CRA will decide how much to TAX you.

As far as I know Saudi systems have not implemented the Taxation yet on Salaries.

Hope that helps.


That's it ? Thanks??? No invitation to have some double double along with tim bits as a gesture of appreciation...and I thought Canadians were nice....

Your assistance may warrant more than "double double " hamuds.

@ Canadian_Timmy : perhaps the below links can help you out more … 01163.html

I agree with HRGuru. =)

Canadian_Timmy :

I agree with HRGuru. =)

So I guess the "double double" will be for me and not hamudi  :D

How about an international tax summit at Tims? Donuts for both you and Hamudi.

Only if you both come to Jeddah...

Nah, the donuts in Jeddah are not good, we will do fine here in Riyadh Hamuds....... come and enjoy the "central region" hospitality

I'm supposed to be in Rio next week...let's plan something then :D

Great, PM me once you are here and we can meet up.

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