Delayed Alien card issue

Hi guys, I had applied my alien card in Nyayo house back 2016, until now, it is not out. Right now, my driving license expired but I cannot use the ecitizen to renew my driving license, any one coulf advise on this issue ? Thank you

I was in the same situation. The system is a mess because there are so many delays on issuing Alien ID cards, but now you can't do anything without eCitizen, and you can't use eCitizen without an Alien ID.

Eventually I did manage to do it...

You need to go to Times Tower downtown and say you need to speak to the head of the driving licence department of KRA there. It's a couple floors up. You may need to go to the second building to get a visitors pass first.

If you make it up there, find the guy in charge and explain the situation and ask that they renew your licence manually. Sorry I have forgotten his name. They don't like doing this, but it IS possible. Bring your old licence, passport as well as photocopies of your old licence, passport, passport photos etc and some cash (it's not much). You'll have to go downstairs to a bank to pay the cash in and get a receipt. then go back up with the receipt and if all goes well they should be able to manually renew it by adding a slip of paper to your existing licence.

They work very slowly, prepare for it to take a number of hours. They also take very long lunch breaks, so best to get there early in the morning.

Good luck :-)

I applied the alien id in april 2016

Thank you, I am a bit confused about which government organ is doing the renewal is it NTSA or KRA?

Mine took 6 months

Yes it is confusing, but it's definitely Times Tower where you need to go.

Thank you so much.

Its KRA that deals with driving licence renewal.  Well done for managing to get a manual renewal.

The same thing happened to me, but at least my wife could drive.  It took about 3 months for my alien card to arrive.  I wasn't in a position to go to Times Towers, but was nevertheless met with a firm refusal for a manual renewal.

It is now 6months already, my alien card has not ready...

I know that there was an issue with the supply of the cards, earlier this year.  I was lucky to have a friend assisting me, who has contacts in Immigration, so could track the progress of my application.  Think that it took about 3 - 4 months.

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