wanna live in Tijuana

hey all..I'm James, middle aged on SS. Any info or hints on finding a decent little place to rent in N. tijuana? (lower price point)..t/y

Try these 'safe' sections of TJ   Otay Mesa ( border crossing there) and Playas.  Avoid real estate agents who think all gringos are rich.  Same with most Craig;s List postings.  If you know any locals ask them for l help,, they will get a better  price for you.   You can call this taxi liibre owner for help.  I have used
him.  Honest, speaks good English and reasonable for his time. 1 664 228 1111.  The secciones jardines in playas is close to the border, the beach and the village.  Great place to live.

Good luck.

:top: thank you anne

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