Business creation & Immigration to Saskatchewan

Dear All

One of my clients (a Mauritian businessman) is actually considering setting-up his business in Saskatchewan. We will be using the same business model as in Mauritius and would probably train our people and dispatch them to Saskatchewan to help train people, manage & expand the business (similar to what is done in Mauritius).

My questions:

(a)  what type of business entity do we need? We will be in hairdressing, retail (hairdressing products) and will also set-up our training academy

(b)  can we incorporate the entity through online systems directly from Mauritius?
(c)   what are the legal requirements of that entity. Do we need Canadian shareholding / directorship?
(d)   what are social charges and taxes look like: for employees and business?

Finally, is there someone you would recommend (lawyer/ accountant, etc) that can handle all this?

Thanks very much for any information that you can give me, please.


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