KOC interview for Drilling Supervisor- Salary range to ask?

Hello everyone,
I am preparing for an interview as A Drilling Supervisor with KOC. I will appreciate few answers that will help

- Any idea about how technical the interview will be?

- What salary range should I expect for the 28/28 rota out of the UK.

- Should I be asking for any other benefits?

- How soon after an offer can I expect to start?

I will appreciate helpful answers.

- Should I be asking for any other benefits?

Most importantly, what about accomidation and transport?

The rents are very expensive here and as you may not already know they've increased the fuel prices.

Thanks. Good to know

Hi Ennybobo,

I also have an interview for the Deep Drilling Group on the 12th of May in Sydney.

Did you end up going and working in Kuwait? If so what is it like?

Cheers Rod

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