Enquiries - visiting and immigrating to New York from Ghana


my name is jones bekoe and I am a 23 year old student and aspiring model from Ghana.  I have been contacted by several agencies in the New York area for modelling.  Being in Ghana is a great advantage because of the look I offer but a disadvantage in the distance from meaningful assignments in the US.   To that end I am looking for any guidance you can provide me as to how to visit and possibly immigrate... Navigating the world today is not easy and I am simply asking for advice from a fellow countryman as to the best way to accomplish my dreams....

I can only give a warning that any serious agency should arrange the paper work to get you a visa and inform you how it all works. There are many scams where one advertises themselves for such jobs and scammers claim they will hire you and eventually they will be asking you to send money for some kind of fee. They often use the name of a real company to fool people. Maybe these offers are real but check them carefully and be very skepticle if they start asking for money!

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