fiancee visa granted,what to do next?

hello everybody,i applied fiancée visa last nov.6 2015,and October this year my application was granted.
its an entry visa valid for 6 months, but only with 30 days of stay in Norway, I don't understand.
does it mean I have to go home in 30 days if don't get married yet? please help ,what I should do next?
thank you.

You don't have to go home after 30 days, but you have to see the local police within the first week of arrival with all your papers etc, if I remember correctly. They'll issue you with a card that's only valid for 6 months. You basically have 6 months to get married.

Before you leave your home country, PLEASE remember to get a NEW Stamped letter saying you're unmarried! I know you probably had to hand this in before too, but they will want a new one when you get married, and waiting for a new one from your home country, while you're in Norway can just make life difficult and delay everything, so get a new one ASAP!

Hi willow13,thanks for the reply.
Is it okay that my fiancée calls the politi for my appointment or do I need to book online via portal?

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Question. It is important to bring red ribboned school credentials like diploma, TOR, etc to Norway? To those who applied in Norway and was allowed to stay while waiting, did you show them the red ribboned credentials to prove of your education and work history?

Thanks in advance.

@lady_diver...It's better to bring your school credentials because you will need them later on....

Hi Katriene. Yes I'm really going to bring my school credentials but the question is, do i have to red ribboned it? Because I don't think I'll be needing it right away when i go back to Norway with the residency coz I still need to study Norwegian and red ribboned is only valid not older than 4 months.

Based on your experience, what and how did you go with it?

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