I finally made it to PP. It's a world of a difference!

I made it here on the 22 of October from New York. So far I've been walking and getting a lay off the city. I've visited Wat  Phnom, which was beautiful. I'm confused as to how this country works it's mailing system. Is there even a functioning mailing system. I'm accustomed  to seeing mail people every afternoon except Sunday in the US. I came here to teach, but I'm experiencing some hurdles on where to start. I'm staying at Hotel Cara street 84.

Hey get to central market , riverside, aeon mall, Russian market night market, ride the one hour Mekong boat ride , take the train to kampot, rent a moto , at your hotel, because they want your passport, so take the moto to kep , from kampot easy , wide open ride, monkeys in kep a small coastal village, but really nice, of course Angkor, but of course you know that, a train ticket to kampot is like 6$ easy and great old 50s train, beautiful countryside, good luck, once your over heat , it will be fun

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