On the way to Sweden - Work permit help please

Hello ladies & gentlemen,

I am an Indian national, working and living in the UK since past 7 years. I am an automotive engineer by qualification & profession.  I am married, my wife is Danish. We are living in the UK since Jan 2014. We got married in Aug 2015.

Being Scandinavian, my wife prefers to live in Scandinavia over the UK. I can see why after being to all countries in Scandinavia (minus Finland, will visit sometime) as a traveler. Because of my wife's preference and my career choice, Sweden is the obvious choice.

I have had couple of successful interviews with Swedish employers. I have "almost" got a job! I say almost because realising the job opportunity & relocation to Sweden now comes down to obtaining visa. Understandably, it will be hard for the employer to finalise the job offer to me if the visa process takes few months, although they have shown willingness to sponsor my visa. As far as I can see (on swedish immigration website), currently there is about 1-2 months of waiting time for visa to be granted (have to admit, it has come down from 3-4 months when I checked 3 months ago!).

I am here to seek help in order to findout what is the best & quickest way I can get a Sweden work permit/other visa that let me stay & work in Sweden? Do my marriage ties with a nordic/EU citizen help me in any way?

PS: We had plans of relocating to Denmark about a year ago. It took time for my wife to understand that there are more opportunities for automotive engineers in Sweden than Denmark. So now we have changed course to Sweden.

Thanks in advance,

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This link may help you; it's from the Swedish Migration Agency.

Thanks Cynic!

The website says: "The residence card allows your family to live and work in Sweden as long as you have right of residence by working, studying, being self-employed or living on your pension or other sufficient means for supporting your family."

This means my wife has to be working/studying/pensioner/living on her own means for me to get residence card. But she cannot do any of those until she is there in sweden. catch22?
Or am I understanding it wrong?


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I think that sums it up; most EU countries will have some kind of similar clause so that you do not need to fall back on social-security support to live there.

That said, apart from going there several times to work/visit the Volvo Truck factory, I know nothing about Sweden (except I don't like fish!!!).  Perhaps somebody with some real experience will drop by and prove me wrong (about getting in, not fish - ugh!).

I share your wife's view that there are places other than the UK where I'd rather be; I wish you the best of luck. :)

Thanks Cynic,

I understand why countries have similar kind of rule,

I think I am gonna have to rely on the work permit sponsored by my new employer.
Any idea on how long work permit applications take? The information on sweden immigration website is broadly a guidline isnt it? Anyone with experience of actual timescales?


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You might want to try getting your wife to phone the Swedish embassy in the UK and asking?

errrr.... do you think that will work? Although I see I have nothing to lose!

I have no idea; they have a saying in Dutch that loosely translates as "You have 'no', you may get 'yes' ".  No harm in asking the question. :)

Advice when asking Regulators questions (I do this for a living):

1. Think about it before you ring.
2. Write down all the questions you can think of.
3. Get the full name of the person you speak to.
4. Write down the date and time you ring and the number you rang to get through to them; you may get passed around.
5. Tell them you have a list of questions and ask if they would they prefer you came in person.
6. Write down the answers you get.
7. Try not to get frustrated/angry (very important, you want them to be your friend and help you).
8. Write up notes at the end.

Noted, thank you Cynic! We will do that. Thanks a lot.

I think it goes like this "If you dont ask you always have a NO".
I have achieved two main things in my life, both of them were based on that line. So yes, I will try it third time too.


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