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Hi Everyone,

I am currently working at one of the big IT companies here in Mauritius as Freelance Web master/Front-end developer. I have over two year experience in Web designing and programming.  I  also have a Masters degree in Enterprise Security and Digital Forensics.
If anyone has got any opening where I can lecture in IT generally or specific fields such as NOVEL Technologies, Strategic management, Computing Project management, Cloud Technologies, Standards and Security,Database, Web development and other IT modules also including practicals.

Feel free to contact me.

Hello friend,

You can contact The University of Mauritius , more precisely the Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning, Ebene, in the Core Building.
You can come personally and check with the available details for any new Lecturers. However, the basic rquirement will be post graduate qualifications.. since it's Academic programmes.

Do try your best.. ok

best regards,

You can contact the Officer in Charge - Dr Santally on send your Cv as well..

I work here itself..

Hi veek thanks for the email address provided. I have done the necessary. And for the other's who have in-boxed me, I appreciate the help.

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