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Hi all,
I am glad to say I live in Bulgaria, we have made a lot of friends. Like everywhere else there are good people and bad. Everything about Bulgaria is wonderful to live in, cost of living for one but there are many reasons, unfortunately I have to speak out about the bad. We live in a complex on the black sea coast some people would call this ideal. It would be under any other circumstances you see the management of this complex own the electricity transformers, the company for electricity by law should have bought them back from the complex owner in 2013. Needless to say they have not, also the owner has the water tied in with electric as these companies prefer only one account. so he has the monopoly on these services. We don't have our own account, he charges both utilities as a service at reception, charging vat . so your receipt is given as a hotel receipt, no mention of a meter reading of any kind at all. The charge for electric is the same in the height of summer as it is in winter, how can this be?? if you complain he sends the service staff to cut your power and water and actually takes your pipes away. And before anybody says it we have taken him to court on several occasions and won all but one, the one that we lost if you haven't guessed it was in the jurisdiction where the complex is based. Knowing full well that you have no utilities even after a court grants you a decision, he will lie and say that you are connected, so someone comes from the court to check this, he then tells the court official that he knows nothing about it and that we have taken our pipes away ourselves.
Intimidation, extortion and corruption. plus a total disregard for the law comes to mind.
All of this still does not make me dislike Bulgaria or the people that we have come to know and love.
The only thing I would ever change about coming to Bulgaria, would be that I would not buy in a complex again. Once bitten as they say!  I am sure there are lovely complex's out there, and I do not wish to be so pessimistic, this is just a warning after everything and the cost we have been through that there are sharks out there,

it seems that most Brits come open minded and vulnerable of any small or large trick that makes the pleasure of our buying with life savings turn into a disaster even small or large.
i bought one house and made agreement with all furniture left. Left it to the agents.
When i arrive some furniture change to old junk and beds replaced microwave gone, We have a good home though so its not all disaster.
the place we buy with good land to make into another home with animals and children visiting we need to develop but the guy who sold it to me came back and took all the pipe wrork out and other out buildings, so need to re do the Whole house. Bless him.

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