Opening a swimwear store in Bali

Hi all,

I'm from the Netherlands and I have my own bikini label. I was last year in Bali and I loved it. Now I'm considering to open my own store in Bali. Does any of you or anyone have experience with opening a store/new label in Bali?

Please let me know! Many thanks!

To minimize your investment, I think you'd be a lot better off coming back to Bali with samples of your swim suits and work at getting hooked up with retail operations that already exist here.  Note, you will need to get a business visa in order to do this legally.

Starting a new retail business here is a very expensive proposition, and you'll need a local partner. 

Another issue you will face is where your suits are made.  If made here in Indonesia, no problem, but the duty for imported clothing is order to protect Indonesia's textile and clothing trade. 

A final issue to consider is that while directly forging your label would be illegal, copying other clothing styles/designs/patterns is normal here.

There are a lot of rules if you intend to live here, including minimum investment.

Hi Ubudian,

Thank you for your reply! i will be closely working with a Balinees manufacturer. Do you know people? Or do you have any experience with this? I would love to learn more about the procedures and how everything goes into work.

Many thanks again for your reply!

Hi Fred,

Thanks for your reply. I see, that will be something for me to figure out. Do you have any tips or leads? Or do you know people I could get into touch with to learn more about it?

Thank you!

Hi Damlaa,

Rather than looking for a manufacturer here in Bali, I would suggest that you look for one in Java.  The vast majority of textile production in Indonesia is on Java, and most manufacturers here on Bali are either cottage industries, or small satellite offices of Java based businesses. 

I’m sorry that I don’t have any recommendations for you.  Our own interest with textiles is limited to one of a kind, antique traditional textiles.

Good luck!

Dear Roy,

I do like looking swimsuits especially those made at high prices using only minimal materials :)

But your concept is the best way for a foreign person to enter the market. Once he establishes a franchise with a local retail outlet, his visits can be sponsored by his clent.

Funny, but for me, I never notice the swim suit itself.

But Darmala is keen to sell only swim suits right. But just as well he might try confirming his business exclusively to a modeling agency instead of through a retailer. They get a profit from each order :D

narilulla :

Dear Roy,

I do like looking swimsuits especially those made at high prices using only minimal materials

As with Roy, I hardly notice the swim suit .................... more so for the ladies.

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