Relocation in Al Khobar / Dharan

Hello everybody,

My family and I have been living in Jeddah since one year. My company asked us to relocate in Dammam in the early 2017.

I am actively looking for a new accommodation in Al Khobar. I would be glad to read your advice to select a nice compound for my wife and my two little kids (4y and 8m).
We are looking for a large one, mostly for westerners, where we can rent a 3 bedroom villa.

Do you know if we can access the Aramco compound if we are not working for Aramco (we are supplier ...)

Thanks in advance,


Hello Alex :cheers:

To increase your chances to find a nice rental feel free to browse through adverts here:

> Housing in Khobar



feel free to contact me for this

Looking for a house or villa for 5 people. Seeking 5-6 bedrooms, big kitchen, 4-5 ensuite bathrooms, living areas, and pool if possible. Can you help?

Muhammadya has 5 bedroom houses

Thank you kindly, will check that out...greatly appreciated! :)

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