Trip to Al Jahra from Salmiya. Recommend a driver

Hi All,

I am new to Kuwait and part of my job would need me to travel to Jahra, 4 times a month.

What are the options available for a safe trip to Jahra from Salmiya and what are the estimated costs involved? Can you refer a trusted driver or company?


Your best bet, as the trip is so infrequent, is to just use a normal cab.

Having said that, if you find  a cab driver you like and trust, you might be able to negotiate a special price...but again, at only four times a month, it's not very likely.

Depending on where your start and stop point there might be a bus that works for you, but finding routes isn't easy.


Thank you for the reply. Having only one reply on this thread from yesterday, I kind of get why. It's not easy. I'll definitely try to find a driver that can take me Al Jahra, hence i'll have to take a taxi that will be willing to drive all the way there but I heard, it's not so safe.  Anyhow, i'll let you know how it goes. My first trip is on Sunday.


If I remember correctly, I think it is 10 to 15KDs.. (from a taxi cab company in my area, Salwa)

And that was before the fuel prices increase.

Hi Dana,

Thank you, that's very kind of you. I have spoken to 2 companies and  yes the rates are that high. 15KWD x 2 x 4. That means, ill be spending quite an amount of money. KWD 120 a month for 4 days in Al Jahra, what a life. Nevertheless, I have been told that I can find something cheaper than that if i will find a stand alone driver.. Let's see how it will go.

Tough luck on transportation but it's needed for me to go since it's part of my responsibility.


Good luck and keep us updated!

Renting a car cost about 6KD per day.
If you're daring enough to drive here, this will be be the cheapest way to get there...
Be safe...

my colleagues suggested trying Careem

I downloaded career however they don't do trips to Jahra...

I've contacted a few others and they've recommended drivers they're connected to. Thank you.



if u are in salmiya, just find the Waleed Pinoy Bakala,  pinoy taxi driver there that  you can negotiate price and  bring/fetch you in any location.

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