How can I marry my gf in Philippine

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          I am from india working in abroad and I have gf in Philippine our relationship is each other' our family also know that our relationship so I need to go Philippine and married my gf I need to stay with my gf .my plan I can go and find job and get marry my gf .but how can do that I don't know .have know anybody please just give me any ideas for visa and how I marry . Thank you for read my message god bless for all

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It's a few years now since I got Married in the Philippines. But as far as I remember, my Wife to be did all the necessary work here. I had to provide. My Birth certificate. CNI, Certificate of no Impediment. ( A paper stating that you are not Married). If you are getting Married in a Church a Baptismal Certificate.
If your faith allows it you, are better getting Married in a recognised Church. I don't know about India? But many European countries, are reluctant to recognise a Philippine Municipal Wedding.
But are obliged to recognise a Church Marriage. Especially a Catholic one, and I suppose the same applies to the Major Protestant Churches.
I hope this has been some help to you.l

Theres no visa in the philippines..
U can go anytime u want..

Hi dear
     Thank you for reply my message I have plan for go visit visa and I go I can find job stay with my gf it's possible r not can u reply me dear

Hello, my husband and I married here in the Philippines and we did everything by ourselves the preparation to our civil wedding.  It took us more than a month for all the processing of our civil wedding.
First thing first:

1. Tell your girlfriend to be ready with her NSO birth certificate,  an id, and I think a cedula and a  cenomar( certificate of no marriage) (from the municipality where she live) note: if she live in that city, that is where the civil wedding will take place. Also if she lives in Makati city both you will be asked for a CENOMAR.
      A.) birth certificate can be claim on the day of the request.
    B. CENOMAR takes four working days.

2. For you, as what I remember you need to have a photo copy of your passport, the stamp of your entry and a certificate of impediment of no marriage which you can get from your embassy.
Note: in our city my husband's birth certificate was not required anymore. And a picture I.d.

3. Both of you should go to the civil registrar of the city where your girlfriend is living. Once there you will asked to fill up the form. You can also ask as well for the complete requirement since some cities differ from the others.

4. You will be asked to attend a  one day seminar for a couple getting married too.A certificate will be given at the end.The seminar sometimes just held once or twice a week so better check out their schedule as well.

5. Once you got the certificate,  submit this together with your application form and other requirements.

6. Then they asked you for a fee for processing which is very cheap less than five hundred pesos. The receipt will be attached to your form as well.

7.As I remembered, once the head of the civil registrar they will give it back to you together with your marriage license. Then they will ask you to submit this to the judicial hall because it will be raffle for which judge willhandle the ceremony.

8. It will all depends on which date the judge is available and I think it will take days before they can notify you.

Note: it might take more than 30 days if you will do a normal processing but if your girlfriend knpws someone working at the minicipal hall then the procesd can be speed up like if she knew a judge working in the judicial hall...

So better to prepare and expect that you will go to the immigration department to extend your visa.

Hello....I am American  working in India...i have A gf is also a filipina....While I am working here in pune i brought the girl here....she was here for 5 months....2017 she will come looks like its easier to do marriage here in india....the philippines is not good for marriage...too much paperwork...

You can actually the paper works are bit easy to do, she can asked her mom to get her birth certificate, and cenomar.

It is all up to you however in the future if you wish to stay here for good both of you might be required to get married here for the immigration.  I am not sure as well if immigration can honor your marriage certificate in India ( in case) once borh of you arrive here so you can have a one year visa or what we call balik bayan visa. :) good luck for the two of you.

In what country are you? Is your girlfriend here in the Philippines?

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