I dont understand.

Hello everyone.
My name is Jenny and i am from the country of Philippines.
i was applying tourist visa to go in france for the past 5 years now.
My problem is i was denied 4 times and the rejection letter reason has been always the same.

hellooo….i was trying many times and yet they'd think that i will not go back to my country..

my question is: what they want for me to grant my visit visa in france?
i complete always the requirements and trying many times.

i just don't understand them.
because, i am clear and doing all necessary procedure.

do i need house and lot?
Millions of money?
what is necessary to do?

any suggestion??

Thank you for reading this and i hope someone will understand me.

(sorry to those people who can't get my point)

I see you've been trying to get a visa for three years, but always refused.
They clearly think there's too much chance of you working illegally (Probably) and not leaving the country because of it.

Yes, maybe that is the main reason. But how would i make them believe that im going back? And i will go back. I have no intention to stay beyond my limit you know.. any suggestion?

Thanks Fred.

Immigration is a major issue in French politics at the moment, so it will be hard to do much about it.

I understand, but i hope i can get visa next time. But if you have any info or idea that can help me please let me know and it would be much appreciated.


Many people I have met in your situation just stay and work under the table without papers.  I know someone who has done this for 10 years and now he is legal and works !  He went through so much and now he is here permanently and legally.  Good luck

I suspect Fred may have called it correctly; however, if you want an official explanation, perhaps try contacting the French Embassy in your country.


If you've applied and been rejected that many times, you probably should stop wasting your time and stop donating money to the French authorities :)

Many well developed countries will flat out deny tourist visas to young single females (you don't mention if you are single) , with or without even looking at any supporting documents.  It's a high risk that you will stay and try to work, or get married to a local and try to adjust status to remain in France.

It might be best to wait a while until you can show some stability and strong reasons for returning to your country.  Some things that can help.

1.  Stable job with good salary (that you wouldn't walk away from or try to do better in France)
2.  Strong family ties
3.  Property/Business ownership
4. Evidence of previous travel abroad to other developed countries without problems
5. Sufficient proof of resources to pay for your intended trip

Hope this helps

Romaniac Experts Team

If France is not the place, perhaps Ireland or other countries more opened to inmigration. I am not trying to make you feel bad, I am just saying that lot,s of people comes trough other european countries and then they move to France when they have the chance/ the visa renewed/the job that allows them to stay longer.

If you want just to travel around, that should do. If you want to stay afterwards, you,ll have to wait a little bit in the other country, get a job there and when you,re stable move to France. It,s not easy, but some people does that too. It,s the hard way since here is though to get a job for everybody, but it,s a personal choice.

Other option is studying something in France? visa student works for some people as a beginning in EU in general... Now the access is quite though, not everybody has it easy (no one in fact).

Just throwing some suggestions, I am not assuming you want to stay, but if you just want to visit France, that,s different, you may have to prove that you can travel in France and return like Romaniac said.

good luck in your choice!

Hello illa,
Thank you for the information and i might follow one of your suggestions.

I would like to stay in france not because i want to stay in france, it is because i need to be with someone.

I really appreciate your suggestion illa.

Thank you so much.😊👍


Thank you for the ideas and i, very much appreciated these information.

Now, i have more information and i understand more why i have always a refusal..

Thank you!😊


do you have a boyfriend in France? does he provide you an invitation and support letter mentioning he guarantee your return? does he provide some bank account statement (sufficient amount) that will insure your stay and repatriation?
I'm sorry to ask too much but maybe you haven't done these ( i had no millions of euro in my bank account when i applied the 1st time and i am a musician which is not a very stabile job either).
I know some philipina girls that never succeed to obtain a tourist visa to france few years ago, until one of them got married with the french boyfriend then she could enter France.

Good luck.


VctoriaDuplenne :

I know some philipina girls that never succeed to obtain a tourist visa to france few years ago, until one of them got married with the french boyfriend then she could enter France.

This is exactly why immigration authorities use profiling to deny tourist visas (often automatically).  They know in many cases the intent is migration, not tourism.

i know that very well. I am married to a French, living in France, i learn everything about the country, all topics, day by day. But i have never face a single denial / difficulties in immigration nor bureaucracy nor administration since the beginning..

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