why are people on this forum so closed off?

I recently registered with dis forum to make friends bt all my attempts has been rebuffed or ignored, which kinda made me sad but its ok. So am postin dis so people can give me dia reasons for doin dat, thanx all

Afraid of spammers maybe? ( not saying you are)

Hi Ciaragaga,

It would be great if you could have a photo of you. We like seeing who we are talking to. I saw two of your messages, my bad for not replying. Welcome to Kuwait and have a good one here.


Dear C,

Frankly i think you're jumping to conclusions. you have made one forum post - this one. you joined two days ago, you didn't introduce yourself and as Mary mentioned, your DP is a stock pic.

please keep in mind that people come to this forum for advice and questions on life in Kuwait, moving here etc. everyone takes time out of their day to answer these questions, myself included, so without questions, we cannot form a rapport, and without rapport, we cannot break ice.

so please, introduce yourself, ask a question and wait for people to show their friendliness.

You are all right, mary d picture tin is a bit difficult dnt knw wat the problem is its nt takin pics from my fone ND moh05 pple cnt spam u if u talk to dem its when dey ask for private info or smtin else anyway dats by the way.  So Hello forum participants my names are Nwadi Thelma am from nigeria jst finished my degree exams last year nd have been looking for a job bt no luck Bt I have a huge interest in travellin to places its a big dream bt sadly nt easy to actualize wanted to meet people in kuwait on a personal level to get a feel of wat d country is like nd how to cope dia cnt really trust d net, anyway dats me nd I understand all of ur reservations abt d pics tin bt I cnt help it.

Not necessarily, I do not agree about the picture. I am very private and I don't like sharing my pictures publicly too.  Seriously.. I wouldn't want someone adding me just because of how I look like. I think you merely just need to post more on the forum.

I've had people add me even with my snowman stock picture. But then again, I've been on this forum since February and I do post frequently.

Not to be too pedantic, or maybe so but I generally don't correspond with people who write in text-speak in non-text situations.

I find it incredibly annoying.

Hi MisterStretch

"I generally don't correspond with people who write in text-speak in non-text situations."

Would you kindly explain? I didn't understand :|

Like how I shorten my words e.g. "Lyk" "cnt" right? Misterstretch

Like how I shorten my words e.g. "Lyk" "cnt" right? Misterstretch

Hello all :cheers:

Do Not feed the troll please!

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