A New Yorker in Bali

A native New Yorker, I moved to Bali September 1, 2016 from Paris, France where I had been living and working in real estate for five years.  I took the opportunity to come to work in Bali in the real estate industry. 


I also would like to continue practicing my French language skills so I am looking forward to meeting people from France who live in Bali.

I enjoy yoga and creative writing as my current hobbies

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Hi Vanessa,

If you want to meet some of the "movers and shakers" in the Ubud area, then come by The Fly Cafe early Wednesday morning, November 9, (opening at 8 AM) to watch the election returns. 

Cheers, Roy you might note from my hat...I am also a native Big Apple person!

Hello Roy!

That sounds good.  I live in Seminyak but I love Ubud so that would be really interesting for me.
Vive New York City people!

Hi Vanessa, and welcome to the forums.
Roy's little get together might be a good way of meeting the local Americans, and a bunch of locals that'll get your social life off to a nice start.
Much as I'd far sooner spend some times pulling my toe nails out with a pair of rusty pliers than watch anything to do with politicians, you might enjoy the company in the place.

OK Vanessa, see you there! 


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