Things to ask prospective employer?


I'm in the process of applying for a job in Kuwait (very exciting, totally new adventure).

What should I ask my prospective employer, that might not be obvious to someone who's always worked in Australia?

Thanks for any help!


well, ask about allowances - rent, flight, transport etc.

see if your bonus is annual or discretionary.

working hours - performance evaluation etc.

standard questions really :P except the first, which, no, standard too :P

Thanks.  I think most of that is clear in the information I've been given.

It's just so strange wondering what you don't know!

As I always say..

Accomidation and transport. In my opinion these 2 are the most important. Also keep us updated!

And.. I wish you all of the best!

Thank you!

I'm a bit daunted by it all, but figure I've got nothing to lose by applying and seeing how the conversation goes!

I hope it will go by very well! And keep us updated, okay?  :cheers:

Will do!

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