Need link for renters rights ASAP

I'm staying in Punta Cana in a 2 bedroom unit that is a share. (I rented 1 bedroom, another person rented the other and we both share the common areas)

The manager lives in the apartment right next door.

I have been here a week and at least 5 times he has knocked, and when nobody answers, uses his key and opens the door and barges into the place I am renting.

This seems to be trespassing to me.

The manager claims it is not because he is not entering the room he is renting me, even though I paid to have access to the kitchen and living room as well.

Could someone please advise me of where I can find the laws regarding this behavior.



I'd change the locks. He has No right to walk into your apartment without your consent.


I agree but I need a document thats states this is illegal in the DR.

If that's how you feel then go to the fiscal office and ask the secretary

I don't know where this would be covered. 

Any place I have lived owner/manager doesn't even have a key!  You have a lease or contract? Change the locks.

Tenants rights?  That's funny.  Did you see all the messages where people are even lucky if they can get their deposits back!

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