Seeking Advice about Hotels, Transportation and local events!!!

Hello Everyone! Great to be here, with hopes to create lasting friendships and my possible relocation somewhere in Panama!
Seeking advice for safe, economical $50-$60 hotels upon landing in P City. Nov. 8 thru 11th! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY PANAMA!!!
We will fly to David a couple days after our stay in P City, and seeking suggestions for lodging in Bouquete!
Should we take a bus from David north to Bouquet? How is the lodging prices in Bouquet?
I am basic Spanish literate, enough to arouse some smiles certainly, but will improve!
Not so much a hang out at the beach person, mostly active walks or hikes, seek interactions with Panamanians!
Any ideas from this fine website?
Thank You so much-Jeff

First step - spell Boquete!  :)  You will have to do the usual searches to find a hotel in PC at a rate you like. You've set the bar high (in its lowness) but we found Novotel and Coral Suites reasonable and not real costly. Well located.
Travelling to Boquete from David: the buses are those yellow school buses but they get the job done. I have to think that the uphill run to Boq will be reasonable rather than the death-defying downhill run the other way. Taxi is also a good choice but more like $30 rather than the $5 or so by bus.
Accoms in Boquete: depends on how long you plan to spend there. Options are all over the map, and most are not going to disappoint, generally speaking.

Thank You SunsetSteve! Can you say spelling error? I know you can...Hopefully there are flowers there...
Sorry I don't understand your comment about " setting the bar on lowness" of my price range...Please translate.
Thanx for the hotel suggestions, and bus up north! Might you have others you know of?
Do you think accommodations will be a challenge on Independence Day?
Sincere thanks Steve-Jeff

I just mean that prices in pcox[at] for hotels seem to me to be higher than the $60 range for nice places.

You can take first class bus's from Albrook to David. It is about a 7-8 drive in very nice but very cold buses.

This should help you:

Copa Airlines also flys from PTC to David 3 x a day. It is one of the best airlines in the world!

Good luck!

Hello! I'm a panamanian that was born and raised in David and all my weekends were spend in my "in that time" family touristic attraction - "My garden is your garden" Mi jardín es tu jardín", I just came back from Scotland but friends told me that is private now... not sure! If is not then you must visit and also try the Pizza in Volcan. There's is not much problem in visit the two places after you arrive to David.
An advice from a person who spent three years traveling with the Bus from David-Albrook viceversa. Do not take a bus on daily hours!
1. It takes more time because they stop everywhere and the A/A is horrible.
2. Sometimes we have a few groups of natives that took to the streets in protest for different things so probably your travel will take 10 to 12 hours or more.
3. If you go in daily hours and buy a ticket for the midnight chief is like 18.50$ and you get good A/A, just a few stops on the way so that means less time.
The road is not exactly the best right now so it delays the bus a little.
Also, you need your ID card in hand so you don't have any problems with the customs in Guabala, that's one of the stops at half-one hour away from David. You just need to show your ID card, passport and that's it.
If you need any further info, I'll be glad to help.

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