Engineer - Job hunting in Jeddah

I am an Information Technology graduate and I'm hunting for a good job in Jeddah. I've done courses and 2 internships and 2 summer jobs. How can I get hired ? As these job sites like Bayt are being pretty useless.


Well as an employer i've posted dozens of jobs online, whether bayt, mourjan, tanqeeb.. etc, it's not that they're useless, but more of the lack of staff that highlight and evaluate the candidates.

My Advice, Show your face, interact, go about and spread your CV all over the place, i have a few places in mind, but they are just a few, you gotta get out there..

Take Care :)

As an employer, i would tell you don't keep a typical cv for everyone your're sending application to, let's say, if the company is looking for a ,core PHP developer, don't give them a CV that just say, you have learnt PHP, but does not say anything more, instead, cut all those experiences you're having maybe at java or .net or whatever it is and concentrate on whatever the employer requires, i would say the term, 'tailor made cv', and the calls will be higher.

At present am looking for a magento developer, and i've never got a guy who can do the job yet.

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