Questions: Cost of Living & Language for Children's Book


I am currently working on edits for a book set in Senegal. I am short on time (my publisher wants edits returned ASAP) and am trying to get information about the typical cost of things in a village or smaller town. I also have a few other questions, but right now the cost of basic items is my focus. If you could help me, or know someone that can, I would greatly appreciate it.

Cost of a loaf of bread?
Cost of a fish?
Cost of a whole chicken?
Cost of a pair of sneakers?
Cost of a children's book (Little Princess for example)?
Cost of a plastic bag of juice?
How much might a local fisherman make in a day?
How much might a mechanic make?
How much would a handmade bracelet cost (if sold by a girl on the street)?
How much is a piece of hard candy?
If you take a bus from the city to a village, what kind of bus would it be called?
Cost of private school near a village?
What is a typical village meal?
Breakfast? Dinner?
Are there any big superstitions in Senegalese culture?
Thank you so much for your help if you can.

Hello Mscurious :cheers:

We have more information about cost of living and expenses in the francophone version of the site. You may check out this particular french thread below, feel free to use google translate to help you understand :

> Coût de la vie au Sénégal – 2015


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