Malaysian Restaurant in Kuwait


Am looking for a Malaysian restaurant in Kuwait. Am craving nasi lamak 😄

Do you know any?

Thanks and regards

Hi ....there is one lady who actually sell nasi lemak but on specific days and not always or frequent....will keep u posted when she starts to advertise in our forum

Oh i miss malay food! So no restaurants here?

maybe try this?

Satchi @al marzouk tower - kuwait city (behind sheraton hotel).

They have few choices of malaysian food, at least nasi lemak.

This is an old post from a well known blog in Kuwait tho;

thanks for your replies.

I can't say that I am a nasi lemak fan...never did understand people fawning over it.

There are lots of other Malaysian dishes I'd love to be able to have though; rendang ayam, asam laksa, roti canai dan kari ayam and roti jala.

Mmmmmm sedap, sedap, sedap.

OMG, you just made me crave more Malaysian dishes instead of helping me here :D

Glad you guys like it! Maybe one fine day somebody will come up with one

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