Getting Ebay things shipped to KSA having a PO box

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of opening up a po box account so that I can receive mail from back home. And I order a lot of small things from eBay and aliexpress which should fit in that box as wwll when receiving it.

Does any one know what happens if the parcel is a bit larger and you got it sent to your po box? Because what's the best way to receive stuff from example China? Setting up virtual addresses and thrn getting it shipped again from the states or uk is not really an option. Because sometimes you buy something for a dollar including shipping from China and then in such a case you would have to pay for shipping again.

Brother just ensure that your cellphone number is with the supplier, once your package arrive in Saudi the postal service will send you a text message to advise you that the package is at the post office close to your physical address.
I must admit that I was myself very much impressed with this.

Thanks for the response.  Yeah I already had something arrived to me by receiving a text message. But I was thinking of opening up a po box and was wondering whether I can use that po box to receive parcels as well or is it only for letters?

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