UK national to marry Kenyan and live there.


I am a UK national. I have been dating my Kenyan boyfriend for 4 years now who currently lives in Nairobi. I travel to Kenya once or twice a year to see him.
We plan to marry in April 2017 in Registry office and will apply for a Spousal visa after three years of marriage.

Can any one advise on this plan?

I am desperate to move to Kenya to be with my fiance and set up life over there.


There is no spousal visa to live in Kenya.  Once you are married, you should apply for a Dependents Pass.  Assuming that your boyfriend is working and earning enough to support you, its a relatively cheap and simple process.  Please note, the Dependents Pass does not permit you to work (at least not legally).

If you want to work, you must apply for the relevant work permit and the application process for a work permit does not take into account whether you are married or not.

After 3 years of marriage you can apply for permanent residency, however applications are not processed quickly and people have waited for years so far.

After 7 years you can apply for dual citizenship, but the same applies with regard to the application process.


Thanks so much for your helpful response.

Can the dependents pass be applied for almost immediately after marriage or is there a period of time I have to wait before doing so?

Does my partner have to show proof of earnings/savings to prove he can support me?

How long would the dependenTs pass allow me to reside in Kenya? I will then seek to apply for permanent residency after three years of marriage.

Do you have a link to any sites I could read further on the dependents pass?

Would I need to secure a job offer before applying for the work permit ? Once and if I am successful in obtaining the dependents pass l, I hope to seek work whilst out in Kenya? It is proving to be a struggle securing a post whilst in U.K. In Kenya.

I appreciate any assistance or advice you may be able to provide me with.

Best wishes,



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