Moroccan Arabic "darija"

Hi all I'm currently living in Casablanca well im back and fourth from the UK and wish to find somewhere or someone to teach me Moroccan Arabic I can already read and write in classical Arabic just need help with darija. 

Please let me know many thanks


Hi Abdullah,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Language classes in Casablanca section of the website. There are also already some posters proposing darija courses, maybe you can contact them.

All the best,

Hi my name is firdaous chenite I'm from kenitra I can teach you darija if you want

Thanks Bhavna I will definitely try that many thanks again

Hey thanks for your response firdaous I'm based in casablanca how much do you charge I'm flying to Europe tomorrow but I will be back on the weekend

Hi any one teaching moroccan arabic

Hello Abdullah ! I am a native Moroccan, I live in Rabat and I hope I can be helpful
I am also looking for some native English speakers who live in my country

Brilliant sounds great we should keep in touch

Yes indeed that would be nice

Hi, how are you ?  I can gave class in darija if u wanna ask about  more  write me

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