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Hi! Next year we are moving to Jakarta for my husband's work. At the moment, I am looking for possibilities to bring my horse from the Netherlands to Jakarta. Does anyone have some experience in this area? What are the best places to stable a horse in Jakarta? Your input is highly appreciated :cheers: Irene

There is no way you could safely ride a horse in Jakarta.
Both you and the animal would be dead within a couple of minutes of riding out.

Go from here:

But seriously there are no green pastures or open fields in the city and you would need so many things to look after your horse not to mention the legality of bringing the animal over but I wish you luck.

These people will help import and should give advice on stabling your horse and everything else that you need. They are in Depok, about 30 minutes to an hour outside Jakarta.

You'll notice none of these are in Jakarta, this being because of the lack of any places to ride.
As Luke mentioned, there are few green spaces and road riding would be suicide.
That means you'll need transport and you'll have long trips through traffic jams to get to the stables.
I recall many rides on the UK's roads both on horseback and in a trap, often riding up to the pony club we ran about 5 miles from my girlfriend's stables, but that would be impossible here, even on quiet roads.
To be honest, you'd be so restricted you probably wouldn't enjoy it.

Hi guys, Thanks a lot for your input! The idea is to keep the horse at a horse riding club outside Jakarta, so no riding on the streets of Jakarta  :top:  I have contacted Arthayasa and will see if we can work something out.

This is a tad out of date, so a little for checking must be done, but your vet is going to cost you a fortune, and the paperwork is likely to cause you to buy anti hair loss shampoo. … rkshop.pdf

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