Food in Iran

I hope when you read this topic are in good health.
Today I want to talk about food in my love country Iran .
Food is main and important in our life and these days we could see all people try to had healthy food . Iranian from ancient cities till now base of history like food and they don't eat any things and any animal alive in the world , for this reason Iranian has rule about food , they eat only HALAL animals, for example they don't eat pork meat and donkey , horse, dog , cat , and many animals who Islam don't permit to eat them, all of the Iranian food base of sheep , cow , and chicken .
After this introduction our food is three main section : 1.Kebab 2.Khorest 3.Dizi
1. Kebab
Is main food from long time ago in Iran , specially lamb chop we called it Shishlik , marinate chops with onion and saffron for 8 hours and after that put it on barbique , it's so delicious and many tourist like it so much. Other Kebab is KOOBIDEH , its mincemeat with onion and salt and put it on skewer and barbique , you have try it with CHELO ( rice) both of them is CHELO KEBAB KOOBIDEH, other Kebab is BARG , it made from lamb or cow ,every one you want they cook for you with pice of their meat and barbique it.
Iranian like rice so much and they eat rice with Khorest, Khoresht made by lamb meat with grain or vegetable , like GHORMEH SABZI with vegetable or GHEIMEH with grain , you have put Khorest on rice and try it, the taste is unbelievable
Dizi is main food from long time ago in Iranian people like Kebab, Dizi made by lamb meat , potato , grain , tomato , salt , pepper , and water, you have to put all of the things on soucepan and let them boiling in low flame for 8 hours, all things boiling and melt together , it's so delicious and you have eat with bread , it's so powerful for all family specially children , because most of them don't like meat and you could give them Dizi with different taste.
I hope all of your readers could come to my love country Iran and try our food. I really so glad to introduce you to visit my country.
Warmest Regards

I know little of Iranian food.
Perhaps you could post a couple of pictures of dishes with your personal opinion and a simple description of them.

Dear Fred
Thanks for your attention about my topic.
I tried to attach pic for my topic but unfortunately I couldn't.

You can upload to photobucket or any of the sharing sires and post the links

Hi Mohammad ,

Mann , we have sea processing food which based on sea fish where crab is an option . Instead of more expensive  ,  it also have boundaries to get a halal certificate from the ministry since the company itself is in a kind of factory scale  .
Her product comes out as frozen food and offcourse has had halal certs before it goes into the market , our goverment therefore concern about halal certs as my country has muslim religi in major citizen. Although we are not a "moslem country"
Please keep in contact  .


Dear Sir
I hope this letter find you well.
I didn't underestand what you mean exactly, and what you are looking for?  if you want to get HALAL certificate you have to send some document if you want I'll tell you. Which country you are living? ***

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