Why its difficult or almost impossible to find good friends in Dubai

    I am Bilal from Pakistan and its my second visit to Dubai. I have registered myself on various expat forums, looking for good people to go out with, have dinner or just long walks, but response is 0%. Guys are usually not interested to be friends with other guys and they keep looking for girls and girls usually take this notion of friendship offer or any going out offer in a negative sense. On other hand, people from one nationality would prefer to go out with same nationality. May be I am wrong and people have different experiences.

In a place where there is a multicultural environment and lot of meet up opportunities, we should meet new people, understand their culture and go back to our country with some good and refreshing experiences. So, I am thinking to create a group of people from different nationalities to go out and have good time.
Both males and females are welcome to join. Those who are interested can email me with their nationality and name.  My email is

Hoping for a positive response. :)

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Hi there, I couldn't agree more with you. What do you work as in Dubai, and how long you have been here?

Hi. I am looking to set up my business in Dubai. For now I am working as Sales Executive to get some experience. What about you ?

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