I am looking for Spanish tutor via Skype

I am looking for Spanish and German tutors via Skype for my daughter.
She is fluent in English, speaks Spanish (A2) and German (A2)
Kind regards,


Email for Esther Gonzalez. She is Spanish and was head of modern languages in a London comprehensive.
If you contact her tell her Mark in Gualchos gave you her contact details
*** (Her mobile in Spain)

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Thank you very much!

I can recommend Alberto

He is very good and gives interesting classes on whatever topic you like. He also speaks fluent English should your daughter get stuck.

Just tell him Jo Kelway recommended him. I am sure she would do well with him. He gives lessons via Skype.

Moderated by Priscilla last year
Reason : please communicate personal details in private

Dear Jo,
Could you please check if Alberto' s email is correct .
My letter to him came back to me with an error.

Hi Olga

Sorry, my error. It is ***

Don't know why the @ sign didn't display on that *** is the correct address.

what is a last part of address?

Please don't share email addresses or contact details on the open forums as this poses a potential security risk to the user.

It is ***

Hope this is helpful.

Kind regards

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