Recruitment Consultants Phnom Penh?

Dear Friends,

can anyone recommend any good recruitment consultants in Phnom Penh? Executive / management level, that kind of thing.

I can find literally dozens of job boards, but having used them myself to recruit in the past I am aware of how ineffective they can be. Potential employers are generally peppered with inappropriate applications to the point that all applications become tarred with the same brush.

I will of course post on the expat job board and keep an eye on what's available.

Where possible though, I prefer to deal with a personalized recruitment consultant who has an eye for finding the right job for the right candidate.

If anyone can point me towards anyone interesting, please let me know. Your assistance would be appreciated. (Also please feel free to message me, in case posting recommendations is against forum policy here).

Thanks for reading.

I knew this two recruitment company, they might able to help u

Thanks Sophea - as suspected there is likely a non-spam policy here on the expat forum.

If possible could you please message me your 2 recommendations?

Also - Expat moderators if you decide to remove the links or posts, I would be very grateful if you would message them to me before you delete them.

Many thanks for your assistance. And if anybody else has any good recommendations please let me know when you have time.

Best wishes.

Here is that two company
1-HRINC (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
Local Business in Phnom Penh
Employment Agencies
Business Consultants - Management
Management Training
Training Consultants
Legal Advisers
No. 10, Oknha Peich (St. 242), Sangkat Chak Tomuk, Khan Daun Penh, 12207 Phnom Penh
Tel 023 211 437
Fax 023 211 438

2-TOP Recruitment Cambodia
023 997 492

Hi everyone,

Could you please recommend the professionals you mentioned/will mention in the Jobs in Cambodia section of the business directory ?

In this way, it will be more convenient to access their contact details.

Thanks in advance,

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