New in Jakarta

Hi all!

I am from Singapore and posted to Jakarta planned for 1 year just middle of October 2016.
I am single and living alone in Southern Jakarta.
Its the 2nd time being in Jakarta, but have heard and seen (on media) so much about it.
Here in the first week is definitely an eye opener, with the traffic and the huge diversity.
Coming from a city state, its very different and I have been on many working trips to other ASEAN countries, but Indonesia and Jakarta does have its own flavour and distinct identity.
Looking forward to knowing both expats and locals alike and enjoying the city, the life and the scenery in Indo (not just Jakarta)

Welcome to Jakarta and the forum. Jakarta is unlike Singapore in so many ways that I find the difference refreshing. The noise and traffic soon become the norm and so it ends being less annoying but always frustrating.

There is a fair amount of useful information about Jakarta and Indonesia on this site, just  spend some time and have look around. And of course ask and I am sure you will get the answers you need.

Have a good day

Hi there!
yes you are right and I am prepared for the traffic, its part of JKT life...
For those who have yet to come , this is something they need to understand...and plan their trips accordingly.
Getting stuck in traffic is an experience..but if you plan well..then minimise the "pain".
JKT is better in ways of food and entertainment.
I wouldn't compare between cities as everything is different. just enjoy, compromise and live it!

Welcome to jakarta! :)

welcome to jakarta

one more thing prepare for the flood as rain season now  :cool:

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