Professional networks for finding a job

Hi guys,

I recently moved to Vienna with my husband and I am search for work here, which is way more difficult than expected!

I am a lawyer by profession, but under South African jurisdiction and therefore my qualification is not recognized under Austrian and EU law. Long story short, it is highly unlikely that I can practice as an attorney in Vienna (I already tried all the standard law firms here).

I am therefore under no illusions that I would have to again start under in a different career. At least I think a lot of my legal background, administrative and client relationship skills would be useful in a new career.

However, it seems to be extremely difficult to get a break here. I have tried all the stock standard answers of trying the UN; its difficult to get in there if you do not have an inside lane and they take forever to even get back to you.

I have tried AMS and other recruiters and they are pretty useless.

I have tried most international companies, networked extensively on Xing and LinkedIn, but that has also not yet paid off.

I have tried EURES, Monster and other job portals.

I have a Rot-Weiss-Rot Karte, so a company would not have to sponsor me.

My German is not particularly great, but I am working on improving that.

So my questions to you:

- Is the job market really so tough at the moment in Vienna, or am I missing something?
- Do anyone maybe know of some other professional network I can use to get in contact with?
- Do you guys maybe have some other tips for trying to find a job?

Thanks in advance!

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