17000 AED per month enough to live in Abu Dhabi

Hi. I have been offered a job in abu dhabi. 17000AED a month salary. On top of this i get medical aid. Life insurance. And an incentive after a year. My relocation travel  and shipping has also been provided.  My main concern is the rent in abu dhabi. A friend and I want to share a place. Will 6000AED a minth be enough to share a place and still live a comfy life?

It's ok if you are single.

Hi thank you for the reply. Yes i am single. So it will be good? I have no children. So to maintain a live every month for 17000AED will be ok?

You can, but you can't live like a rockstar with that salary. But it is sufficient enough. You will get an idea about the expenses once you start living. Best of luck and welcome to Abu Dhabi

Thank you. And no i dont expect to live like a rockstar. Just to stay, work and eat a little food would be great.

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