A good international school with British curricula in Riyadh

Hello every one!

I hope everyone is doing well. I am currently a graduate student in the UK with two kids age 9 and 6. I am going back to Saudi Arabia, Riyadh soon. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good international school in Riyadh with British curricula so I could enrol my children there. I have been looking online and asking a lot but with no luck! I am working at King Saud University so the perfect scenario is to find a good school somewhere in that area with reasonable rates!

I have heard about Ibn Khaldoon in Erqha but I am not sure about their teaching quality. Please if anyone has a similar experience do not hesitate to help. I really appreciate it.


Have you searched through the school section of this blog yet? I know this topic was discussed as recently as August and usually comes up in the spring.  Many schools were mentioned.

The British International School of Riyadh would be the top choice, but it is very expensive.

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