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Hello everyone,

I am sarat chandra, Indian student in La Sapienza University. I have a little problem with my Permesso Soggiorno hope someone can help me here.

My soggiorno expires on 8th january 2017 but I have to go India for 3 months.
If I apply now, with the postoffice receipt how long can I stay in India and come back to Rome.

Thankyou in advance,
sarat chandra vangipuram

    You can stay in India for a maximum period of 6 months in India with the receipt.

Thanks for the reply, but I heard i can only stay 3 months after i registered my fingerprints..! Is this right information ?

I'm not a student visa holder. But I stayed in India for 6 months with my post office receipt after making my fingerprint registration . I'm from Kerala, and in Immigration Departure  No one knows about the exact validity. Here at questura they asked me how long I stayed and shown the dates. It's less that 6 months (5 months and 21 days). And last time I went to India on first week of April and came back on first week of August (4 months,and it's after fingerprint registration).
😊 So It's of 6 months validity.

Thanku so much this is now a huge relief ..!!

No mention😊. And try to make your back pack to Italy little earlier. So you can go on through the procedures to get the Pemisso di soggiorno.
😊 Good Night

HI guys, I am sorry that i am posting my issue here, i was wondering if any of you can help me. I am From Ahmedabad. I study Interior design in Florence.
I came to florence, italy in january 2016 on the basis of a student visa. I applied for my permesso di soggiorno and received it. My permesso expires on january 11 2017, but my study course ends in may 2017.

My wallet got stolen a week ago, in which i lost my original copy of my permesso. I went to the police station and registered a complain and as per the guidance from questura i was asked to apply for a duplicate permesso in order to renew my permesso. Hence, I applied for a duplicate a week ago. My date to visit the  questura for the duplicate is 18 th january 2017 ( which is 7 days after the expiry of my permesso). I want to know when can i apply for the renewal process of the permesso? Do i have to wait till i get the duplicate copy of my permesso? Can i apply for the renewal before receiving my duplicate copy?

Thank you for the help

You will get your new soggiorno updated .. u dont need to renew again ..!

Hey thanks for reply, but i havent submitted the necessary documents for renewal :(

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