Importing horses to Belize

I see lots of posts about people wanting to import horses from the US.   I also see lots of comments from people who live in Belize who say that imported horses don't thrive.   Has anyone imported their personal horses to Belize and had long term success with their horses health?   I, as all horse owners, absolutely don't want to leave them behind but not at the cost of them being miserable and/or dying shortly there after.  We will be moving in a year and living full time in Belize and I am struggling with this decision on my four horses.

Please only respond if you are a horse owner.   I appreciate the everyone has good advice but I am looking to hear from experienced horse people who have dealt with this first hand.

Maybe you should contact BAHA who could give you more details of the challenges faced by imported horses. The heat and humidity if they are'nt used to would be one challenge.

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