Dating locals is not that attractive, share your experience

For some reason I do not get along enough with locals to the level of dating any.   I came to Believe  that expats are a special case of people and that creates a common bound among them regardless to origins, where it creates a gap between expats and locals.

Generally locals have a cultural background that is limited to their country and both parties may find the interaction boring; whereas two expats will be used to the cultural differences and enjoy exploring and building the synthesys.

Am I the only one who believe so ? Please share both your positive and negative experiences

Hi Mazen!
Interesting topic indeed. I have to agree with you, although there are some exceptions. From my own experience as a Guest House manager, my entire work is with expats and tourists, I can prove that there is actually some kind of bound or  cultural clach between locals and foreigners. However, in Morocco, especially in Marrakech, where I live, there so many examples where expats and locals actually can have really strong relationships, and there are so many examples of marriage, and I mean successful examples.

That is interesting, thanks for sharing your experince

Agreed 👍.. 
Even I'm Turkish but traveling a lot since my 17yrs old and working more than 18 yrs abroad in different country's and cultures I'm facing exactly what you commented. I  got  same point of view. Many things are stacked and issues in İzmir there's no expats i mean not like major capital city's around the world very limited. I also once created a topic of that kind no one answered.

How interesting that you feel foreigner in your own country, travelling open man's mind I can easily understand the feeling you have when you talk to someone who thinks Izmir is the end of the world. So do you prefer to be dating other expat if I understand right ?

Good morning have a nice week Mazen,
Thank you for you're kind answer...
Yes indeed it's strange sometimes to feel you're self kinda foreigner in you're own country. But not so tragedic 😊. Question is as you mentioned, Also I'd like to include my opinion, I think to get compromises with all of kinda cultures and ethnicity is wonderful.
We expats know how to integrate and get cultural exchanges with locals,listening them, be attentive, polite, helpful, wondering, exploring welcoming respecting etc etc... Amazing feelings after all.
That's why I'd like to meet some new buddies.
So yes it will be lovely to meet with expats.
Pls let me know where you hangout I'll be glad to join you with pleasure.

Sorry for my late reply
Actually we have a regular event called izmir international meetings, it is aimed at bringing together locals and foreigners I would inform you about the next meeting and you would be most welcome to join for sure :)

I believe you have the nail at the right spot.
Cultural differences and other stereotypes makes it a herculean task to date
an indigene here in Turkey,but its not insurmountable.

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