Giving birth in Al Khobar / Dammam

Hi, I am French Egyptian and moving within the next days to Al Khobar. I am expecting for beginning of January my second child.So I am currently looking for recommendations of good doctors and hospitals for the most natural birth possible. Please feel free to write your experience. I heard bad of Saad hospital and good about Almana and pro are hospitals. I would prefer a female doctor if possible also..
Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi I am not sure about any of the hospitals, but if you're only just arriving have you thought about taking on the support of a Doula?  There is a couple in Al/Khobar and they would probably be your best way to get acquantied to the local maternity services plus they will also support you in having the birth you hope for.

There's babymoonbirth and love 'n' care birth services.
Hope that helps.

Indeed, stay away from Saad. Most horrible people ever. Procare has very nice people working there. But the problem is is that they only have two gynecologists working so it's difficuLt to make an appointment.

And no worries, most of the gynaecologists are female and otherwise you can demand to be only helped by females.

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