how to stamp Bahrain visa from Pakistan

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what is requirement to stamp Bahrain work visa from Pakistan.
if the company sent a work visa to employee, does it require any stamp on passport or you just can travel to bahrian

No you don't need any stamp, Just printed copy of visa and contract letter. When you will arrive in Bahrain, they will put sticker on your passport.

some one told that
ok to board is required from airline


Call your airline and ask them whether it is needed, if needed visit the airline office and show them your Visa copy, that should do it.


1. For OkToBoard, it depends upon airline to airline .. if they ask, simply email them your work visa copy and offer letter and you're good to board the flight.
2. You don't need to get anything done on your passport while leaving from your home country, except for the immigration check at the native airport.. Once you land here in Bahrain, they would click a pic give your new VIVA sim card in the LMRA queue. Then the immigration officer will stamp the work permit sticker and your entry date and hand over to you your medical appointment date ..that's it.. you're good to leave the airport :)

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