Latest entry Requirements for U.S. Citizens to the Philippines

I just heard in the news (YouTube) President Duterte's announcement that Americans traveling to the Philippines must now secure a visa beforehand.  Just recently my brother visited the Philippines and got his visa stamped on his U.S Passport upon arrival at NAIA.   Anybody got the real scoop on this?


I think that visa application for US citizen is proposal for the mean time and not yet implemented..

The immigration are yet to review this.. So, still the old rules apply for now.

I hope I get there before it gets implemented.   I wonder what happened in the past that got Duterte pissed off at the those in authority I would think.  Now he is also taking it out on other a personal grudge.  Not that I blame him for hating the U.S. but not to take it out on the the average American.   I hope I am wrong.

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