Looking to move to Cambodia

Hi folks,

I am planning to head out to Cambodia in December this year for an extended stay (currently open ended). I have had enough living and working in the UK and wanted a change.

Is there any advice you would give to someone a) before the leave, and b) once they have arrived?

My main queries currently are:

- what is it like to get accommodation in Phnom Penh?
- is it difficult to set up a bank account over there (I don't want to be paying international transfer fees too often)
- with Visas - should I just request a business Visa upon arrival, and can this still just be extended via travel agencies?

Any advice or tips you could give would be much appreciated. I spent the best part of a month in Cambodia while travelling a decade ago, but this is going to be a massive change for me!



Hi man,
Greetings, you can settle your accommodation by your budget stay in Phnom Penh city, there is so many properties in housing section ,
It's not difficult to get bank account here , you  can open easy , if any assist let's me know., I have friend ,she office manager banks,
You need to do business visa while entrance airport ,by asking police immigration , it's more convenient for long stays as Residence here , you can renew your with local agency here with it's fair price . 

Hope you enjoy your living here,

Hi, we've been here for nearly a month  but have settled in well. I love Cambodia, we came in through Phnom Penh but have decided to stay in Siem Reap (be ready for the tuk tuk experience once you pass through customs at the airport - you will be approached by many drivers - some of whom will try to take you to their contracted hotels where you will pay more, best to book online, it'll be cheaper.)

Don't let the drivers dictate to you which place to stay at - also negotiate on a price for the ride before you get onto the tuk tuk - don't pay over $1o to get to any destination within city limits - our tuk tuk driver said it was usual to just pay $5 to $7 to get into the heart of the city with a few stop offs for SIM cards and bottled water, so we also paid extra on top for great service) Bank accounts are easy to open, you will need your passport and lease paper (tenancy agreement). ON arrival, we underwent a type of culture shock for a little while  (we came from New Zealand) -  you will see streets strewn with litter, in the cities and in the countryside - open sewers and lots of people  (including kids) active on the streets until the early morning. It is dusty, a thin layer of red dust gets on everything, but the positives far, far outweigh any negatives.

The locals are beautiful, they are kind, helpful and non judgmental. The food is out of this world good, accommodation is inexpensive and Cambodian customer services far exceeds anything I've experienced anywhere in the west. In comparison to the west, stress is much lower and Cambodians dont yell abuses at anyone different - it is not in their frame of thinking.

You will love it here. We leave for China soon (work) but have already put in motion the steps to become permanent residents. When I left NZ, I was stressed, tired and wornout. The difference is like night and day.

Just be careful around election time in Phnom Penh (we were fortunate to have been referred to a tuk tuk driver in Siem Reap by a lovely American woman - he arranged everything for us from accommodations in a great area to Sangkat reports, to Visa - and at less than half the price it would normally have costed, we thanked him by  volunteering our services as English language tutors - he would not take large amounts of money).

You can come in on a tourist Visa and change it at a good travel agency later on, or get it at the airport upon entry.  Most of what I know is learned through personal experience thus far.

There is a Facebook page - Cambodia Visa and Work permit group - they are very helpful. If in Siem Reap - I would highly recommend our friend and tuk tuk driver - Kim, he is on Facebook - Tuk tuk Kimlean. He will help you with absolutely everything and at actual cost - not the inflated price.

ABA bank good...opened in 30 mins while you wait...2 days max transfer from Uk.. .siem reap nice..chilled out and smaller...cambodia is easy to extend visa and get set up..good luck

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