I worked in Oman from 1ST Oct 2015 to 12 th Jan 2016.
I left company by giving proper resign and cancellation visa.
On my VISA Banned stamp is not there.
Can I now worked in OMAN if I get job

Hi desh2674,

Do you have an NOC from your last employer ?

If 'Yes', yes, then you can work again in Oman.

If 'No', then you cannot work again in Oman until you complete 2 years from the date of your last departure.

No you cant unless you have NOC, I heard that soon NOC will be lifted

I worked in oman for 2 months & i left oman without my employer info much time duration iam banned in oman & what are the consequences i can face for the transit from oman in future.My intention is transit from Oman or another GCC airport is it will effect since they have v. strict rules & employer srtat blackmailing me to come back ......but he himself give me a termination letter bcz of financial crises last year....please advice me on that since iam going to travel UK soon & i have transit from Dubaii airport........

Hi AbbasRS,

It is not a good idea to abscond and further get into the bad books of your employer in Oman.

There have been cases where false complaints have been levelled against the employee who has absconded, since the employee will not be around to contest those false claims made his / her name.

Suggest you try and avoid any of the GCC countries while transiting  to your destination.

Thank you Sir .Appreciated your kind & quick response....

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