Recommendations of amazing Ecuadorian restaurants & bars

Can someone please recommend some amazing Ecuadorian restaurants and bars? Thanks

and very welcome, in Cuenca there is a street called Calle Larga y Calle Remigio.

where you can find a incredible variety of food.

Depends what you want.

I hope that help you

Thanks! I know it well, and will probabably be back down there today :)


Since I am a chef we don't eat out often, but we too have cruised Larga and eaten at a few places in the two months we have been here. Lots of fun, if not great eats.

If you are a food and wine person you may enjoy joining our Meetup dot com group. We are just getting started, but it is a place to meet other food and wine folk. We are in fact having a pot luck on Saturday night (and blind wine tasting) - we would love to have you.


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